Merota Student Records Management System(MerotaSRMS)

Merota Student Records Management System (SRMS) is a web based software application for educational institutions. The software is designed to keep track of student records such as financial, academic progress and printing of progress reports and transcripts. Being a web based software, the system enable students to view their academic results, tuition fee payment status wherever and whenever an internet connection is available. Also the management will be able to view different student’s reports from the system regardless of their location.

The developed SRMS has the following seven main users; Examination Officer, Registrar, Accountant, Lecturer/Instructor, Student, System Administrator and Rector.

The System Demo is available here

Merota HR System

Merota HR management system offers a wealth of modules to suit the needs of your business.  The system has several modules  like Personal Information management, Leave Management, Time & Attendance, Performance Monitoring and more.

Merota Inventory/Stock System

Merota Stock Management Information System is a web based application system that automate the process of tracking inventory. Inventory control is important to ensure quality control in businesses that handle transactions revolving around consumer goods.